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'SAY NO TO WAR' -An Appeal To The Presidents Of Russia & Ukraine

LELA by Varija Bajaj showcased its bohemian, free spirited collection titled ' Say No To War'. Known for her fashion shows always with a cause, designer Varija Bajaj this time appealed to the Presidents of Russia, Vladimir Putin and Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, for a strong action to stop the ongoing war. She said "It is not about who is right, but about leaving behind a legacy of pain and depression for generations to come, of both countries". She also narrated about how Russia has been the inspiration behind the launch of her brand LELA. Commenting on this unique theme she said "I use Fashion as an expression of my thought process which is highly influenced by what is happening in the society." The collection exuberated the spirit of LELA, celebrating life. It was a creative and a boho rendition of rich textiles beautifully crafted into summer pastels.